Sunday, March 8, 2009

When we first started on this path to Nathan's new career (nearly 18 mo ago!) we had the idea that we would be going to the University of Washington. A little more research and we began to think more of Georgia Tech with a "plan B" of Eastern Michigan University. Then more research and we knew the best fit for him would be Northwestern University's program. It is the only one we applied to.

When residencies came up, we originally thought we'd do the residency with NEBCO, the company he'd done his internship for in Manchester. Shortly before Christmas they told him they just realized finances this year would prevent them from taking a resident, sorry. Okay. Next thought was a good company in Boston. Well, you know what happened from there. He was offered an internship in Portland, OR and turned it down. He was offered a residency in MI and took it. And he turned down the one in Boston. We were really going to miss New England, but this was the right choice for our family and was going to be good for us.

Except that it's not.

We first got the inkling that something wasn't right when they appeared to be stalling in getting us anything in writing. It's a long story and took up much of yesterday afternoon. When the dust finally settled, Nathan needed a long walk to calm down and I needed some pudding. (Clearly his method of dealing with stress is healthier than mine, but at least it was Indian Pudding-- whole grains, skim milk :) That counts for something, right?)

So, yeah, we are not going to MI.

We had lots of high hopes for the place and found lots of good things there to be grateful for, but there were, as the two weeks progressed, things we... well, it was kind of like the hopeful picture began to unravel. When it finally fell apart yesterday, there was momentary shock, but also a huge sigh of relief: we are going home. Home.

Three weeks left and we don't know yet what we'll do when we get there. (We have a few ideas though, don't worry.) But the important thing is, we are done with the Midwest and we are going home.

And we are going to stay there!


Sara said...

oh yeah so we CAN visit now! or in aug anyway!

Stephanie said...

Are you coming back to see us? It's amazing what kind of roller coaster rides life offers, huh?