Monday, April 20, 2009

We are back online!!! Oh, (big sigh) how I've missed being able to check email and read blogs and write to you all.

We found a place about a week after my last entry. We found it on Wednesday, saw it Thursday, paid for it on the spot, met the landlord on Saturday, did the walk-through on Monday, and moved in on Wednesday. In between we did all the packing and Nathan had to run up to Lebanon twice for some medical stuff!

Packing (and unpacking) was lots easier without Joseph, by the way. Nathan took him to Lebanon both times and to the park, and to the DMV, and to the car inspection...

So yes, we are now officially MA residents. Driver's licenses, license plates, and everything. Still have to change our address though.

Does this feel random? I'm feeling random now. Nathan is on the phone with the car insurance co. They quoted us a rate on Thursday evening and we paid for it. Tonight we get an email telling us that we owe them more money. He's not happy. It feels like bait and switch. I can't focus.


The kids are doing well. Like I said, we moved in on Wed. Mary lost a tooth on Thurs and then another on Saturday! The Sat tooth fell down a vent in the kitchen. The tooth fairy still delivered a half dollar, though.

Joseph used his birthday money to buy a tricycle. He LOVES it. As soon as he wakes up he comes downstairs and says, "Ride bike?" It doesn't matter how cold it is outside. It doesn't matter if it's raining. He rides in PJ's, with no shoes, in a t-shirt and underwear... We do have to grab him and haul him back inside to make him more presentable sometimes. :) (He rides on the deck in the back yard. Virtually no one can see him in his skivvies.) He always wears his helmet... and sometimes bright pink puddle boots.

Lil'Nathan loves this house. He's told us that several times. Blate died on Friday. (For real this time, no mistake.) We took him to the ocean on Sat and "buried" him. Lil'Nathan is okay... he managed not to cry, wants a picture of him (when he was alive and healthy looking) and is making plans for a catfish!

The kids have the larger bedroom, which has a really cool loft. The loft is Mary's room. (This is occasionally irksome to Lil'Nathan who thinks it's totally cool up there.) The "bedroom" downstairs is our new library. How cool is that? Okay, so right now all the books are still in boxes (though they are the only thing still in boxes, oh yes, we are fully unpacked--thanks to Nathan still having time off and taking Joseph on long trips to the DMV and the playground) and we still don't have shelves... but still... it's very cool to know it's coming. :)

Winthrop. Very nice town. It almost feels like a village. I can't figure out how we are so close to Boston (and we are close) and right next to the airport (Nathan swears we could walk there if we had to) and yet it's very quiet and peaceful here. People from church and Nathan's work keep saying, "Winthrop? It's nice there!" A big playground is virtually in the backyard, complete with rollerskating ramps. (Yikes!!) The library (which does seem very small after Evanston and Manchester) is within walking distance. The schools are supposed to be excellent and the town has tons of recreation things for the kids this summer. (Like Lebanon, and totally UNlike Manchester.) Deer Island is less than two miles away and has over two miles of trails for the kids to ride their bikes on, no cars allowed.

All in all, it is amazing. We feel very, very blessed to be here. In Evanston we toyed with the idea of living by the sea, then we hit brick walls everywhere. When we got back to NH, Woburn seemed most likely, but those deals kept falling through. Then we stumbled on this. Finding it was a miracle in itself--we'd called on another unit, but it wasn't deleaded. The agent said he'd just gotten something else, this one, and asked if we were interested. We were the first ones in and took it on the spot. Everything has fallen into place since. So, here we are, walking distance from Boston Harbor, and only about a mile and a half from the ocean.

Go figure. :)

--PS--The car insurance thing is all settled. The supervisor listened to the call from Thurs night and agreed with us. No further charge, thank you and have a good night.

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The Blake's said...

Things sound like they're looking pretty good now. You've been in my thoughts and prayers these last few months. It is really hard to have things unsettled and up in the air. We've done it a few times now. It is amazing though how things always seem to work out. I think Heavenly Father just likes to shake things up every once in a while to keep life interesting.