Sunday, May 3, 2009

We've had a busy week. I'm getting through the piles that moving (and mail) creates, but there always seems to be more of them. I did find all the bills which required payment last week, so that's good. I also found Nathan's toll money, so he can get home from work everyday. :) That's very good.

Monday we went to the park and Mary practiced riding her "new" bike. I guessed she'd have it mastered by the end of the week. I was a little off, as she had it mastered 30 mins into the next practice session, which was Thurs. She even figured out how to start by herself. She still gets nervous and jumps off if anyone (or any dog) is in her path. "I think it's better to protect animals than to ride my bike, and I might squish one by accident."

Good point.

Joseph is... still waking up at night. He had a particularly difficult night last night. (What is it about Saturdays?) and did a lot of waking and crying. Nathan said some soap on his "snack" will probably do the trick and turn him off of midnight munching, but... gee, I'm not so sure I want to do that to him. I still remember the look of utter betrayal and heartbreak he gave me one night when I squirted some Tylenol in his mouth as he nursed. He just sobbed. It was heart-wrenching. And this is my baby.

'Cept he's hardly a baby anymore. (I told Nathan I need a puppy... or another baby. Something small and warm to snuggle with.) In nursery they keep thinking he's going to be a Sunbeam soon. Nope, another year and a half guys. And he can now carry on conversations, on the phone and in person with strangers. Most of them can mostly understand him. "Hey guy, nice hat!" is what he told our landlord on Friday.

Yesterday we went to the Temple (less than 15 miles!!!). The kids and I dropped off Nathan and then we went to the cannery (still far, though closer than it used to be) for some oats and beans. On the way we stopped at a yard sale and found a jogging stroller! Yay! It's a single, but it folds and it was a great price. Anyway, we got our oats and beans, and some white wheat, and a can of potato flakes. (Never send me shopping alone.)

On our way home from the Temple we stopped at a Whole Foods in Cambridge. Okay, I started shopping at Whole Foods in Evanston b/c it was very close to the house and carried food we tend to eat. It was a good store and I liked it. This one yesterday was awesome! They even had bulgar, which I haven't been able to find since leaving Lebanon. I bought 10 pounds. I want to go back. I was going to set up my own account to order from Associated Buyers, but I think it might do just as well to buy from the store. The prices don't seem that bad, the bulgar was actually cheaper! I may still have to get the Nori elsewhere though.

You probably don't care, but that's okay. I'm mostly doing a brain dump here, anyway.

I will post with pictures, hopefully this week. I want to get Mary on her bike, Joseph doing the "frowny face", and Lil'Nathan with one of his inventions.

Which reminds me, I have decided to homeschool again next year. Lil'Nathan was a bit miffed until I told him I found a group with a book club. He's very excited. He also wants to do a sport, but we've decided to opt out of that right now. Why? Well, most games are on Sunday, and why pay for a group he's miss half the time? We'll see what the town's summer offerings are (swimming? it's his favorite) and what the homeschool groups have going. It'll work out fine. I feel much more peace since reaching this decision. I know it is the right one... even if it won't be easy.

And our landlord said we could have the mess of land at the top of the driveway. Yay! A garden plot... sorta. I don't think it'll be good for much in the way of veggies, but it will probably work well for some flowers. (He said they never do anything with it, but I don't think he'd be too happy if I yanked those bushes/ trees in there. Ivy and weeds okay. Trees? Not likely.) I've been itching to dig in the dirt and grow something. I'm no good at it, but I always enjoy trying. The kids have each planted 2 sunflower seeds, which are currently incubating on the window sill. I hope they survive all the love... and water.

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