Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nathan's shoes are finished!! They look wonderful and he said they feel great--way better than the steel-toed monstrosities he had to wear while they were being repaired. :) He now has happy feet.

And I got to go pick them up, giving me a trip to NH again. :) That made me happy. It's funny. When I lived in Manchester I used to go up to Lebanon about once per month and do some shopping for stuff I couldn't find in Manchester. I just did the same thing on Thursday, only Manchester and Concord were my happy-to-return-to destinations. I went to exciting places like Hannaford, Vitamin World and Vitamin Shoppe, Border's Books, and LL Bean Outlet. And it about made my week. :)

Maybe I do need to get out more.

On Wednesday my friend Sara came to visit. Sara and I grew up together, living on either side of my grandparents for our first seven years. I have pictures of us together at Christmas when we were about 18 months old--she's in a lovely little frilly dress, I'm in a pair of polyester plaid pants with a very un-matching shirt. (My mother expresses no remorse for this, by the way.) Then I moved away, but we visited every time I saw my grandparents. We've kept in touch on and off since high school, but have always lived states apart. She got married in April and she and her husband just moved to MA! She's only an hour away now. On Wed she came over (bearing a yummy pie) and we went to the beach. Three hours of visiting and throwing rocks in the ocean followed. Now that was a good day. Joseph wouldn't even let her look at him, but when she left he yelled, "Bye, I love you!" and then turned to me and said, "I want to play with her again."

Lil'Nathan turned 8 yesterday. He will be baptized in three weeks when all his grandparents can be here. He went to the produce market with Daddy yesterday morning and they brought home wonderful things. Wonderful! Then, he, Daddy, and Mary went to SandCastle Day at the beach, while I stayed home and put Joseph down for a nap and made the cake and ice cream. (Thank you Concord Co-op for some yummy, fresh cream.) When they got home we had our party and then he went upstairs to play with a new game (Rush Hour) and the rest of us lazed around. (Is that even a word?) We had pizza--of course-- for dinner. Suddenly he remembered that he gets a birthday movie and he chose Star Wars. Now, don't think I'm a negligent parent or anything, but he'd never seen it before and we don't even own a copy, so I tried to talk him out of it. He settled for Cars, but then Daddy found Star Wars on YouTube. So he got to see it after all. He loved it. Then it was bed time and the end of his wonderful birthday.

He wants to use his birthday money to buy a guinea pig. Or a hamster. Hmmmm.....

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The Blake's said...

I guess we are neglegant parents. Our kids love Star Wars and have seen all of them except for number 3. It sounds like he had a nice birthday.