Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lil'Nathan had his first ever sleep-over the other day. This clearly made a great impression on Joseph. Ever since Lil'Nathan's baptism, Joseph has been saying, "I turn 8, I go in baptism!" Well, Daddy has never heard him say this, so I asked him yesterday, "Joseph, what happens when you turn 8?" His new, improved answer: "I turn 8, I go my friend's house and stay all night, by myself! You drop me off b/c I big enough."

So there you have it.

And Lil'Nathan also returned home from his friend's house with two new insights into his future.

These are direct quotes.

"I think Legos and money are my favorite things to get as presents. Dogs are good, too."

"I think a job in a Lego factory would be good... if I can't get in to the FBI." (His dream job is to be a mechanic for the FBI, that way they can call on his inventing expertise in the event of "a really lot of bad guys" and he can beef up their cars. At least now he has a plan B.)

Okay, now for some pictures!

First, our plethora of peaches. The before, all 164 pounds...

The after... or at least a good portion of it.

Our beautiful pumpkin plant...

And the largest of our little pumpkins (bottom, right). Yes, pumpkins! I counted 4 growing this morning, with a couple more blooming and several busy bumblebees. How cool is that?

Our morning glory, all intertwined in the beans...

Joseph fell asleep coming home from church last week. He slept through the night.

And, finally, our newly re-done school room. I couldn't get a picture to really do it justice. It is so nice and organized looking; so cozy; so bright and inviting. The picture makes it look like just a basement.

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Becca said...

I'm jealous! You are very lucky to have a school room and not just the dining room table.