Friday, September 11, 2009

We are two weeks into school and so far, so good. We've ordered a bunch of books from the library and they are slowly trickling in. It's kind of fun... every day we get to go and see what's new. Manners, chemistry, Spanish, chess, plus books for Nathan (big) and myself that are rather unrelated to homeschool. I've just gotten off the library website, after requesting 3 more. I think I may be addicted. :) (It doesn't help that in MA you can get a library card at any, yes any, library as long as you show your DL. I now have cards in three different systems.)

Yesterday was Lil'Nathan's first book group for the year. It was to discuss your summer reading. He was bursting, he was so excited. The group leader said to me later, "We love to have Nathan come. You can tell he loves to read and he always has something interesting to contribute." Hmmm.... He also told her that I was going to lead the group in Dec (which is true), but that I would most likely choose something weird.

Nice kid.

We just signed up for a homeschool craft fair for Nov. We'll be selling our baby blankets, baby hats, octopus teething toys, and pacifier clips. Maybe some gingerbread squares, too. I'm very excited.

Oh! And how could I forget, on Saturday we got our approval from the Winthrop superintendent to homeschool. When I dropped off the application, the secretary looked at me like I was nuts and asked, "Where's the rest of it?" I filled out the application, one page, and submitted it. One for each kid. She was looking for resources and lesson plans. I told her to turn in what was there and if they needed more, they could contact me. She looked doubtful, but said that was a good idea. I stressed for two weeks about what I was going to do when they demanded lesson plans. I figured I'd just photocopy The Well Trained Mind and tell them I was following that... which is kinda true. But no reason to worry. The approval came for Lil'Nathan without comment. Mary's came back saying Kindergarten isn't required attendance, so I didn't need to file for her. Okay. They didn't ask for a b-day, if they did, they would have known she's 6 this year, so filing IS required, but I did my part. So, now we are all set. I can use his letter of approval to get discount cards at Barnes and Nobel, Staple, teaching stores,... ahhh. Maybe more dangerous than multiple library cards!

One more week. We are all counting the days until we get to go camping at Camp Joseph in VT. Very, very excited. We are also going to visit friends and get bunches of apples. I wish we could stay and go to church on Sunday, too, but we can't this time. Maybe around Thanksgiving...

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