Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five little pumpkins sitting on the fence.... Yup, these are the pumpkins we grew this year! How cool is that?! We had to pull the vine today b/c it was getting too cold and it was starting to rot. So, we'll try to finish ripening them in the sunshine. Mary wants to carve them. I want to make pies... and bread... and roast seeds... and maybe some soup.

Right now the kids are digging into a pomegranate I dissected this afternoon. Joseph is clearly not too thrilled.
We had a computer glitch this week. In order to solve it, Nathan essentially took everything off and then put it all back on again. He didn't bother to reload Firefox, the browser I've grown very accustomed to over the past year. He was nice enough to save all my bookmarks, though. (In Explorer I guess they are called favorites and it was 2 days before I could find them!) I've noticed that the hibernate option in the shut-down menu has disappeared and just now I found that "control-v" won't paste. Hmmm. I can live without Firefox I think, and without hibernate I'm sure, but I need my paste option!
I cleaned the fridge today. Let's just say it was overdue. I always said that cleaning the oven is my least favorite kitchen task--I usually only do it once per year. Well, the fridge is a close second in the least favorite category. But, it is all clean now and we're good to go for a while.
The kids begged me to pull out the winter gear on Thursday b/c they were freezing while playing outside. So I did. They have been having a ball playing outside with hats, gloves, and winter boots. Joseph likes his boots so much that he wants to wear them all day! Now they are all impatient for snow, and keep checking outside, certain they see snow clouds.
We signed up for a booth at a craft fair coming up on Nov 7. Finally feeling some energy, I have been busy finishing up projects for it. I completed 10 "tabby blankets," 25 pacifier clips, and have made 8 teething octopuses (octopii?)--and I'll probably do a few more. I already have a stash of baby blankets, burpees, and little hats. If nothing sells, then I won't have to make another baby gift for a very, very long time. :)

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Becca said...

Good luck! I want to see one of your teething octopuses that I've heard so much about. Do you have a picture?