Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't you just love fall? It's so nice and cool at night. The colors here are no where near as beautiful as NH/ VT, but there are other seasonal perks that happen anywhere--right now we have 2 pumpkins roasting in the oven. When they are done, we'll roast the seeds and then make pumpkin bread. Yum! I've got apples all over the counter--some in various stages of having been eaten, thanks to Joseph! I actually had to buy more yesterday at the farmer's market we stumbled on b/c the ones we bought in Lebanon were disappearing faster than I could do anything with them. We've dehydrated some and made a little bit of applesauce. I still haven't gotten to make any pies. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Is it possible? Could it be that Joseph is weaning? He's down to one nursing a day and only on one side (more details than some of you wanted, I'm sure). Yesterday he only nursed briefly before falling asleep again, and today he never even asked! He's been sleeping through the night and going down without nursing for about a month now, but always climbed in bed with us and asked to nurse around 5am. Last night (this morning?) he was in at 1am, but slept through until 7:30 and then got up and left to play. Ooh!--I like that.

I found a new midwife practice. This place was more open, brighter, and the midwife was far more personable and less test-pushy. I've had my records transferred from the other practice and guess we'll go here. The hospital has a good reputation and she said, "You'd be hard pressed to find another midwifery practice in the area that tries as hard as we do to make the birth as natural as possible." No hep lock. No continuous monitoring. I can wear my own clothes and even have a water birth if I want (if no one else is in the pool). I can even refuse the Hep B vaccine and the eye goop. The kids can come and visit anytime--and we don't have to show their vaccine records before they are admitted as one hospital in the city required! And there's no threat of transfer here (the other birthing center had a 50% transfer rate!) since it's all in the same place. I still don't like the idea that there are 13 midwives and you get who you get when in labor, but I've really got no alternative. Besides, if this baby comes as fast as Joseph did (2 hrs after I got to the hospital) it really won't make much difference anyway. *sigh* I still wish for a homebirth, but it's totally out of our budget--and totally not covered by insurance. So.... we do the best we can and I think this is it.

Okay, back to school. Mary is calling for math and lil'Nathan is trying to convince me that Harry Potter should count as literature and that his typing should qualify as writing. And is that Joseph doing the potty dance? Gotta run....

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