Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I remember a great many desserts being served at my grandparents' house. Dessert was part of the meal. Dinner, then dessert. No question about whether or not there would be dessert. If you ate your dinner, you got some. Period. So, over the years, I developed favorites. One was key lime pie. Another was flan.

I got all nostalgic the other day and bought a box of flan. I made it with grandma a dozen times and it was always sooo good. Flip the custard and there was this wonderful, creamy, caramel-y sauce. So yummy.

I made up our box yesterday for family home evening. Melted the sugar. (Does that smell right?) Boiled the custard. (Whoa! Serious overflow!) Poured everything in the little dessert molds. (oops, big spill.) They cooled and I moved them to the fridge where they set up beautifully. I told the kids how yummy this was going to be, but how I hoped they wouldn't like it so I could eat it all. :) They laughed, certain we were all in for a treat. (Dessert is not a regular part of their dinners. Sorry, Grandma.)

FHE came and the flan was out first. Lil'Nathan even got out individual plates so we could all flip our flans. (That's kind of fun to say.) They flipped. They came out. The caramel sauce oozed over the top and down the sides. I couldn't resist. I dipped my finger and tasted a bit. It was so.... gross! Totally tasted like burned marshmallows melted into soup or something. I announced the misfortune and no one believed me. Nathan tried some. The look on his face sent me into a fit of hysterics. (I literally laughed until I cried.) Lil'Nathan was speechless, as he couldn't think of anything bad enough to describe it. Mary, at this point, believed me, and wouldn't touch hers. Still laughing, I took Joseph upstairs to go potty and Nathan tried to wash the sauce off his and save it. The kids dumped theirs in the disposal. I ate the bottom of mine, stopping when it was no longer possible to avoid the sauce.

Oh, well. Another dessert of my youth that I cannot make. Ask my grandmother about my key lime pie. She loves that story.

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Sara said...

flan....In your defense I have had other flans that I do not care for. At all. But your grandmother's I would tomorrow!