Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here is my Handsome Joseph (and if you ask him his name, that is what he'll tell you) wearing the robot costume we made for lil'Nathan last week.

Right after I stopped recording, he stepped backwards and fell over the Daddy sleeping on the floor behind him.

We had Stake Conference today. It was held in downtown Boston, so we took the train in. Elder Ballard from the Quorum of 12 Apostles was presiding. Nathan went to the adult session on Friday night in Trinity Church and said it was amazing. This morning it was held in the Boston Marriott. It was packed, literally standing room only. We sat three rows back and were able to hear everything. The kids were mostly good, but the time change did leave them rather hungry. Lil'Nathan and Mary shook Elder Ballard's hand, and Lil'Nathan gave him a picture he'd just drawn of the Golden Plates. Mary shook his hand and ran. She later admitted, "I felt something. It's a feeling I've never felt before."
The highlight for the kids was undoubtedly the 4-level escalator we rode out of the hotel. Followed closely by the chocolate-mint hard candy the nursery leader behind us gave them.
The message both Nathan and I got from this conference was "Quiet Diligence" and perseverance even in hard times. Elder Ballard is so kind and so loving. You can feel it when you see him. He truly personifies the loving grandfather everyone dreams of having.
Last week was very busy. Very. This week will be very busy. Very busy. Monday we babysit, Tues the kids are going to play at their friends' house (Joseph isn't happy about it) while I go to the Temple, Wed we get a break, Thurs is book club... and Mary's birthday, Fri will be craft fair prep, and Sat is the craft fair. Nathan fell asleep on the floor when we got home from church today, maybe next week will be my turn. :)

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Stephanie said...


I hope you make a book out of thise blog. You have such a gift for (making me laugh out loud!) writing.

I love it!!

Hope all is well in Boston!