Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday was Mary's 6th birthday. She was very particular about what she wanted in a birthday cake. She was happy with the results. She chose, of course, chocolate. This is her favorite birthday picture.

This is my favorite.

She got this lovely red, twirly dress from Aunt Audree--the only gift she had to open that night. A couple of cards arrived the next day and Mommy and Daddy told her what she we would give her... when we get to the store. Not much of a birthday party, but she got to have cake before dinner--that's cool! (And, like last year, the cake and ice cream wound up being dinner!)

Yesterday she received a tea set in the mail from my mom. She just stared at it and said nothing. It's little, "real china," and covered with pink butterflies. Finally, she whispered, "I can't believe this is really mine." She and Joseph (along with Molly and Zebra) have already had several tea parties.

And here is our beautiful Christmas Cactus. Our good friend Dawn gave it to us when we lost Andrew 4 years ago. Nathan kept it in his office, when he had one, and for two years it bloomed twice a year. In FL, it bloomed a little. Last year it pushed out one blossom. This year we found it a good sunny window and it doubled in size over the summer and look at how it's blooming! The other side is just as beautiful. It remains Nathan's favorite plant.


Olsen Clan said...

Wow! Mary is getting so big! She is very cute. Hope things are going well for you and your family!!!

Becca said...

Beautiful cactus. What a cheerful and pretty plant to remember your son by. I'm glad you had a good friend nearby to give it to you.