Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joseph is over his pneumonia. He finished his round of antibiotics yesterday... good thing, too, b/c we just ran out of bribery M&M's.  He is doing so much better.

His birthday was last Wed.  As he will now tell you, "Did you know I am 3 now?"  (Apparently this means he can now peel sweet potatoes without assistance.)  All he wanted for his birthday dinner was ice cream cones and pink ice cream.  A more satisfied boy I've never seen.

I managed to get over my sinus infection without antibiotics.  I went to the doctor, but waited to fill the prescription.  The doctor gave me a neti-pot, but I also picked up a sinus rinse kit, which I used instead.  (I figured a little "force" might be in order.)  Swimming pool up the nose is all I can think to describe it and I had to take some Tylenol for a sinus headache after two days of using it, but I'm all clear now and very, very happy.

Nathan is waiting for the green light from Northwestern.  They "promised" an answer to his application sometime next week.  His work has promised the contract to cover expenses this week.

I fixed the sink.  (Yay!)  It drains beautifully now.  I haven't had as much luck with the toilet, though.  Everytime I think I've got it to finally fully flush with each flush... it laughs at me.  Joseph now quotes me every time he flushes, "stupid toilet."

I also broke the computer last week.  Thursday.  Nathan spent all Thurs night trying to fix it.  He got all our files back with a little help from his dad and then on Fri night did a total dump and put on a whole new operating system.  He then spent a few days trying to get our music and DVD's to play again, and succeeded last night with help from Brian (thank you!!).  I'm still having trouble--it keeps jumping on me and won't fully recognize the extra mouse.  Honestly, it's driving me nuts.  But is it the new OS, or is it just me?

And I'm having issues with my midwifery practice.  I'm sorry, but I cannot fathom the idea of delivering my baby with a total stranger.  The odds are only 1 in 13 that I'll deliver with the only I've met, and she'd nice and all, but....  So, we are looking at other options.  Not one of them is truly logical, but we are looking anyway.  My beloved group up in NH is willing to take me, but then we run into distance problems.  Solved by staying up there around the due date, but Nathan will still have to work, so then we run the risk of him missing the delivery--not really an option in my opinion.  Induction could prevent that, but I'm against the idea.  Changing to someone down here?  Possibly an option, but the only place I'd feel comfortable is a very small practice near the Cape--at least a 90 min drive.  Homebirth?  I'm going to look at that option today.  Cost is a huge factor there (as it is in renting a hotel in Lebanon for a week or so).  So is having my mom here--if she can make it, she would not be comfortable knowing I was giving birth outside of a hospital and that would just introduce negative energy.  And no matter what we do, I still don't know what to do with the kids. (We'll figure something out, though.  Don't stress Moms.)

So... that is life here.  I've typed this entry to the best of my ability, but the dopey thing kept jumping around and cutting things out on it's own.  I apologize if anything is more disjointed than usual.  :)

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