Friday, February 26, 2010

I just tried to upload some photos, but the new OS isn't recognizing the little thingy from the camera.  Nathan can figure it out, but I'm clueless.  We'll try again later.

It's been a busy week.

Nathan's birthday was on Monday.  He had a Boston Cream Pie (yummy--and looked good, too) which Joseph liberally sprinkled with candy leaves.  It was a rough day at work, but we greeted him with salmon and rice and nori when he got home.  Does it get better than that?

Tuesday we had our Stake interviews for Temple recommends.  We had a slight communication error which left me and the kids driving around the T-station in Cambridge looking for Daddy, who was home reheating his dinner!  He remembered in time to drive over and find us and then we went on to the Stake Center.  Can't wait until our own Stake Center is open in late May... then he can wander around looking for us, since we'll be the ones needing to be "picked up." :)

Wednesday was Faith in God for lil'Nathan.  (There is no scout troop for his age group in our entire Stake.)  I was hoping all day that Daddy would get home in time to take him b/c Joseph was still crabby over the previous late night.  But alas, no Daddy at departure time.  I loaded everyone in the car and was getting ready to drive off when a pair of headlights pulled in the driveway.  Lil'Nathan switched cars and I took the other two back inside for story time and bed.  Ahhhhh.

I think Wednesday was also the same day we got the okay from my mom regarding her vacation and bought her plane ticket.  She'll be here starting the day after my due date for a week.  Nathan has the week after that off.  We also decided to stick with the midwife practice we are seeing.  I had a good, long talk with the midwife I've been seeing and she gave me the on-call list for April and agreed I can schedule my remaining appts with other midwives.  That really relieved a lot of my stress.  And did I mention that the baby flipped (finally!) to head-down last week?  Also an amazing stress relief.

Thursday was quiet, thank goodness.  I finished a nursing dress I'd cut out back in September.  Should have finished it then, b/c I can't try it on now.  Looks good on the hanger, though.

Today I modified a baby shirt pattern and made a baby sack.  Don't need anymore, I just wanted to know if I could.   Lil'Nathan also decided today that he needed a break from crocheting.  (Wait until I can upload pictures--you'll be amazed!) and wanted to learn how to knit.  I sat him down after school and gave the necessary instructions.  He was quietly working for about 15 mins and then brought me one row.  Three stitches into the second row, he announced he was too exhausted to continue and definitely preferred crocheting.

He is currently working on a toy dog.

And today is our 10th anniversary!  (I would put in a picture,  but the scanner also doesn't like the new OS.  We've Nathan has been working on that for a long while now.)  Our VT/HT companions are young newlyweds.  They were tickled with our being married 10 years and volunteered to babysit so we could go out and celebrate.  It took us all week to come up with something to do!  (My suggestion was to give them the kids and then come home, eat ice cream, and play Monopoly.  Nathan thinks we should at least leave the house, but agrees on the ice cream.)  So, tomorrow the kids get their first babysitters in goodness knows how long.  Joseph is already stressed.  I told Sadi to give him an ice cream cone and bribe him with a movie.

Something about ice cream...

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