Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After 5 days of spectacular weather, it is raining again.  So far, though, the basement is dry.  (Although, I must admit, having the kids mop up downstairs and then empty the water buckets kept them busy for hours AND wore them out.  It was so peaceful!)  The rain is making the kids stir-crazy after so many days of running around at the park.

The pregnancy continues to progress well.  Nothing major to report with only about 2 weeks to go.  Joseph keeps asking for "it to be a boy" and for "it to come out soon."  ("When will you not be pregnant anymore?"  Wish I knew.)  lil'Nathan insists he was able to read the gender through the blacking out on our copy of the last ultrasound report.  He says he's only told Joseph, though.

Today I had to lift the stove top to retrieve something... and found myself staring in horror at the mess (serious understatement here) in there.  All the kids looked at it and said, "Ewww, gross!"  After I was done, Mary kindly told me it "looks a little better."  While rinsing and scrubbing I also did the stovetop and the counters, and organized the drawers.  I had an urge to clean the fridge, too, but thankfully it passed before I was able to get to it.

We are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.  And also seeking a bike--one for either Mary or Joseph.  Craigslist isn't proving too helpful this time.

And Fablehaven 5 is out!!  We are on the waiting list at two libraries... and just wait.  There is some hope that my sister is going to buy a copy (only $13 at Overstock, ahem, ahem).  She promised if she gets it read before my mom comes up, then she'll send it with her, if we make sure it returns with her as well.  lil'Nathan has kindly agreed ("reluctantly," he would tell you) that I can read it first, IF I'm in the hospital with the baby.  I shall do my best.

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