Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just as I thought, Nathan figured out the picture uploading problem. (Well, first he mentioned it to his brother-in-law, but even as Brian was telling him how to "fix" it, Nathan had it figured out. It was, of course, a computer-knowing-it-was-me issue.

So, without further ado, some overdue pictures...

First, we have Handsome Joseph, the day after he turned 3. I've fixed the giraffe so it's face isn't quites so scary, but (honestly) it's not too much better. He (Joseph) was still a bit weak from his pneumonia at this point.

Now, we move on to Lil'Nathan's crochet adventures. Here are his first animals. He bought the yarn with his Christmas money and in all his favorite colors.

The monkey came first... We had to tear his head apart a few times before he mastered the "round" but by the time he was doing legs, he was all on his own. The monkey's name is Jumble, b/c he is a jumble of arms and legs.

Next came the owl. He did it all on his own and surprised me with it in the morning. (I didn't even know he's started it!) His name is Pigeon b/c he's so fat.

Joseph was a little tired of Lil'Nathan getting all the attention this afternoon.

The snake, named Sausage, was crocheted in front of the computer b/c I was unable to print the pattern for him. On this one he also modified the pattern to suit his own taste, b/c he didn't like all the curves the pattern called for. And the tongue is entirely his own creation.

And finally, Hugo, the dragon. This was one of the weirdest-written patterns I've ever seen. Not many directions, mostly just a list of numbers for the number of stitches at the end of each row.

He has since added to this menagerie a dog, a lion, a turtle, a snail, and is currently trying to crochet a tie. (?!)

And as a side note, what think ye of the hat? Our landlord said it well when he said, "How did you wear a hat out that much?"

Now all my handsome boys. Happy Birthday Daddy!!

And my beautiful anniversary flowers!! Such a lovely surprise! Don't fresh flowers just make you happy?

And this is for my mom, who wants to know how big I am. This big.

(and in the background you can see Joseph's new "big boy bed". He moved up from a crib mattress on Fri. His bed was unmade b/c this morning was the beginning of daylight savings time!)

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