Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few random things...

Lil'Nathan found a Boston Red Sox hat at LISTEN when we were in Lebanon.  He came home and happily retired his very dilapidated, much loved Webster hat.  (Thank goodness!!)

Nathan was nominated at work as one of the employees who contributes the most.  Prize:  a seat at the Boston Red Sox game, just behind home plate, next Wednesday afternoon.  He'll be going with the other three winners.  He's going to try and get Lil'Nathan's new hat signed.

Charlie is growing like crazy!  He was 10 lbs, 3 oz last Mon and his head had grown 1 1/2 inches!  He's getting fat rolls everywhere and still has that great dandelion-fluff hair.  Right now he's covered in baby acne, which I'm partly afraid could be worsened by the milk I've been drinking. He loves to eat and generally sleeps only when he's being cuddled.  He's started smiling occasionally and makes adorable little squeaks.  I've nicknamed him Squeaker... and Charlie-Bob.  (Sorry, Mom.)  He likes to nurse from about 3:30 to 6, so if I can't get dinner made early in the day, we eat spaghetti.

The kids are nearly done with school for the year.  Lil'Nathan is irritated that Mary has already finished with her math and spelling books, while he has several lessons left in each of his.  He is done with History, however.  Both will take the Iowa Assessment at the end of this month and then will start their summer schedules--which they designed themselves.  Also, both will do a summer reading challenge, with prizes at 25, 50 and 100 books read.  Mary chose an ice cream cone, a $10 gift card, and an umbrella stroller (to be used for her doll).  Lil'Nathan chose a trip to Dunkin Donuts, Nick's Pizza, and $10 cash.  (It may be worth noting that I gave no suggestions regarding prizes.  Each chose entirely on their own.)

I ordered the stuff for their school for next year.  Some I got on Ebay, some from Abeka, some from Rainbow Resource.  It's always fun waiting for packages to arrive.  :)

Our garden is in.  We bought some wall paper hanging tray things, filled them with dirt, and planted flower seeds.  We also put in some bean seeds by the fence like last year.  Unlike last year, however, something dug up all our seeds and ran off with them.  Ooops.  I guess we'll just start our beans inside and then transplant.

We have water again.  A major pipe broke on Sat afternoon, cutting off clean water to all of Boston and the whole metro area.  We could still wash with it, but we had to boil or use bottled for all drinking, cooking, and teeth brushing.  What a relief it was to know that we had plenty of water downstairs in our food storage.  No rushing to the store to battle panicky people.  When the water was cleared for consumption again yesterday, we had to flush our pipes.  Honestly, it just felt wrong to run the water for 20 mins to clean everything out.  Add that to the paper plates and bowls we used over the previous days, and the bleach for disinfecting the washed dishes... talk about eco-guilt!

Yesterday we got a baby gift for Charlie from one of Nathan's co-workers.  She sent us two collapsible milk crates from the container store.  They are AWESOME!  I know she thought I was nuts when I requested milk crates, but it's what we really needed for storing baby clothes and blankets and such.  I love them.

I've been reading a lot.  (Comes with all that sitting time in the rocking chair.)  I find I'm addicted to biographies again.  I used to love them when I was much younger, too.  Maybe I should have been a history major.  (It's one of the few I didn't try.)  Biographies and then books on history which lead to more biographies...

Hmmm... surely there's more I wanted to say to those of you still reading, but I can't remember right now.  So, I'll let you go.  Thanks for visiting!

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