Thursday, May 6, 2010

I remembered!!  (Caution:  long tale about diaper wipes!)

For all three of our other kids, we've always used plain water and a cloth for baby wipes.  All three have battled diaper rash which is not supposed to be a big problem for cloth-bottomed babies.  (And I know the diapers were well cleaned each time.  That was not the problem.)  Nathan and Mary, in particular, had problems with yeast rashes.  We fixed Nathan's by using a vinegar solution.  We never really fixed Mary's and she was frequently seen for strep-rashes.  With Joseph, we found vinegar didn't work, but cornstarch was great.  So, we constantly battled and finally won only with potty training.

But this time...  I was online and ran across some recipes for diaper wipe solutions.  I'd seen them before of course, but never thought they were necessary (like wipe warmers, I mean, really?).  This time, I wanted to try one.  Charlie was starting to get a little spotty on his bottom and I was hoping to avoid the same old story.  I called my sister-in-law and she said her son has never had a problem with rashes and gave me her recipe.

Can I tell you how seriously excited I was to try this?  Maybe I need to get out more or something, but I was really looking forward to it!  I bought the soap the next day, got my peri bottle from the hospital and mixed everything together, adding a little lavender oil to make it smell pretty.  When Nathan came home and changed Charlie that night, he wanted to know why the water was cloudy and seemed a little suspicious when I told him.  But let me tell you, within 2 days the spotty bottom was gorgeous!  (So, that leads me to think we weren't cleaning the others well enough?  Eww, gross... and oops.)

I'm sold.  Nathan is sold.  It's so easy, and so effective.  Thank you, Audrey!

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