Sunday, November 7, 2010

 Pumpkin pictures! 

I love this picture! 

Lil'Nathan's two sided pumpkin with a watch hat.

Charlie, taking a break from trying to eat all the pumpkin slime on the floor. (If  you can zoom in, you'll notice his face is orange... but I promise it's from sweet potatoes, not really pumpkin slime.)

The big one is Joseph's.  He chose it and designed it, Lil'Nathan cleaned it,and Daddy carved (most of) it.  But it's Joseph's pumpkin.  (He freaked out the next day when I cooked it!--but calmed down when he realized it would soon be pumpkin pie and he could eat it.)

Inspired by my friend, Becca, and her family, we added donuts on a string to our Halloween Fall celebration.  The kids had a blast! 

Cute, huh?  Lil'Nathan is doing balloon animals at a craft fair we are doing in December.  His balloons came in on Wed and he has been practicing new designs.

Kid Quote:  I just love cheese designs!

We studied China this week.  On Friday we wound up by making paper lanterns, fried rice, and fortune cookies.  These were good... until we opened the doors for fresh air and all the humidity was absorbed by our previously crisp and delicious cookies.  Chewy and fortune cookies?  Not a good combo.

And of course, Mary is now 7!

She chose to celebrate a day late so that Daddy would be home to make her birthday dinner--chowder.  She told me she didn't want me to mess it up, but I could still do the cake.  She chose, instead of cake, pumpkin pie squares.  Yum!  She loved her dessert and her chowder, but found disappointment elsewhere.  Mommy bought the wrong Skippy Jon Jones book and the slippers she chose herself, were not at all comfortable.  She's stuck with the book, but we'll fix the slipper dilemma next week.  However, all was not a loss.  As a gift she also received her very own head lamp.  She told me this morning it was the best she ever remembers getting, even if it is orange.  :)

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Charlene said...

Great HALLOWEEN celebration pics. The kids are all cute as can be. Happy birthday to Mary. She is sure growing up.