Sunday, July 17, 2011

 Brain Dump (part II)

Heat makes me nauseous. (and I never could spell that word) I hope all the little tomatoes and zucchinis growing in our garden are going to be worth it. The one pepper we already harvested was pretty good.

Treating a staph-y diaper rash like a yeast rash doesn't work. Going to the Dr. and getting the right medicine works wonders! But following the yeast-rash-diaper-wash-routine makes for sparkling clean, smelly-good diapers.

I want to move to NC. My friend Becca is there and my friend Mike just moved there. (I think Joseph and his youngest daughter sound like two peas in a pod!) Plus, both families homeschool. What fun we could have! And then I'd have friends. But, then we have go back to point #1 in this entry. I don't think I could convince them to move here. Becca hates the cold.

I want chickens. Four, for eggs. And goats. Milking goats. Two. And one sheep, for the wool. Or an alpaca. And definitely a cat. A cuddly, purry one. I don't think my landlord will go for that. Well, maybe the cat.

The screen door in back of the house... the kids killed it again. My father in law put up a metal-mesh covering over the screen to protect it. A few weeks later I had to secure it with duct tape. That's how it stayed for about 18 months when I took down the mesh. Bad idea. The screen was soon flapping in the breeze constantly. Charlie, especially, likes to peel out the rubber holding the screen in. So, I put up the mesh again, with washers to hold it in place. It took about 3 hours to “do it right” I didn't want the kids messing it up again. They did. It lasted all of 4 weeks. Now the mesh is falling off... and scratching us as we pass the door. And, of course, the screen is flapping in the breeze.

We told our landlord we would buy a new screen door, with a glass bottom, if he would install it. I think he thought of the baby gate incident(s!) and offered to buy it himself. He said he'd get it and put it in. That's really nice of him. But I want it now. Can't demand it, of course. I want him to approve my chickens. :)

Being the RS president is hard when you are terrified of people. Social anxiety? I wonder if there's a Harvard study for that. 

Joseph's “brain study” is in the scheduling process. He is very excited. He goes around the house saying, “A says ah, like apple. B says buh, like bubble. C says ck, like car. What does D say again?” It looks like he'll be going in sometime in September.

Lil'Nathan is 10 now. His birthday was a good day. He was happy with his pizza dinner, his decadent lava cakes and fresh ice cream for dessert, and all his gifts. GG and Aunt Berta's cards arrived that day, and Daddy brought home a locking “tool” box from work. It was extra and makes a great case for his LEGOs—keeps Charlie out. :) Plus (and I really do think this was the highlight of the day) he got to watch Megamind. He loved it. (He even designed and made a little Megamind amigurumi doll on Thursday.)

We babysat our friend's little girl on Thursday. Pearl is 7 months and was visiting from Hawaii. Mary was in her glory. She had a living doll to play with and cuddle. She told me she definitely wants a little sister. I had to tell her that any baby we have, boy or girl, is most likely to look more like chubby Charlie than petite Pearl. She wasn't sure what to think about that. Apparently it's not a sister she wants, it's just a little baby. Sorry, honey. (Even the pediatrician says) Mamma makes cream. The babies show it.

I guess that's all. Pictures next time.


Becca said...

You should move here! It would get you out of being RS President! :) We'd sure love having you here. I would love it. I would hang out with you every week! I bet our kids would have lots of fun together, too. Mike actually moved into our ward. We're so excited!

I don't know that I hate the cold, but I really don't like it and definitely prefer warmth. I found out after having Peter that part of why I don't like the cold is I am one of the unlucky people who gets constricted blood vessels in their extremities when they are cold. It is painful!

Lisa said...

Mike is in your ward?! Oh...!

Team Pope said...

Wait, remember how all your friends have moved to California? Move here! haha. Sounds like you are having fun. And I bet you're a great RS President. Really, I wish I was there to see your mad skills. Miss you guys!

Mike said...


It would be awesome to have you out here as well. I read this just after we moved out here, and have been meaning to comment.

Instead, we should have a get-together of sorts sometime.