Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here is another LEGO creation.  And it's proud creator.
(This is one of about 15 shots I found on the camera.)

I can't remember if I already posted this picture.  But I like it, so here it is (again?).

See our cute little garden?  This is what it looked like at the beginning of July.  I took a picture b/c I was paranoid our crabby neighbor would come and do something horrible while we were in NH camping.  I had no real reason to be paranoid, we've hardly even seen him this year (it was the end of June before I was convinced he was even still alive!)  But he did nothing, of course.  Now our garden is so well grown there is hardly any walking space in it and the tomatoes are nearly as tall as the fence!

Camping in NH!  

This was our site. It was very slopey.  Charlie took one tumble into the bushes.  Next time we're requesting one of the flatter sites.  More grass.  Less bush.

Mary always seemed to have "baby duty."  And the only way to keep Charlie still was to feed him.

He had some trouble with his chair.  Frequently.


Watching the fire.  We all spent a lot of time saying, "HOT!"  Charlie would go up to the grate when it was cold, touch it and say, "HOT!"  When the fire was roaring, he would look at it and say, "COOL!"

Our first night we had hobo dinners.  And peach cobbler.  And marshmallows.  And s'mores. 

Doesn't she look like a "real camper"?  (One who's already had a s'more?)

We had this watermelon for FHE a few weeks ago.  Daddy cut it in rings and when they were all eaten (or cored), Lil'Nathan reassembled the melon.  He thought it very cool and was rather disgruntled last night when Daddy cut the melon in wedges, thus rendering a reassembly impossible.

Our first bit of produce from our garden.  Thus far, it is also the only pepper we've harvested.

Charlie was not impressed.

Daddy, Joseph, and Mary picked a quart of blackberries on the roadside on the way home from the produce market one Saturday. We made this delightful pie. A few days later, Daddy and Nathan returned to the blackberry patch and picked 3 quarts.  They were eaten with pancakes and turned into delicious ice cream.

Nathan met his first summer reading goal and chose pizza from Nick's for dinner.  Charlie ate two pieces, but I think he had more fun with the box.

How can you not love this face?

More garden.  Also, an older shot, it's bigger now.  Like the sunflower?  We've got them scattered around, some big, some smaller.  I like the littler ones.

This is how Charlie likes to finish a meal.  He tries to climb on the table every night after he is finished and we always take him down and put him on the floor.  This night, however, he got up there while Daddy was cleaning the floor and I was herding the other kids up the stairs.  I thought he was adorable (I always do!) and decided to record the moment... before taking him upstairs for an immediate bath.

My favorite shot of the night!

Though this one cracks me up, too.

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