Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some random photos....

Mary made this hat on a knitting loom for a Faith in God project.  (Does anyone know why this was rotated nicely in Picasa, but won't transfer that way to the blog?  Or how to fix it?)

Charlie at the New England Aquarium. He loves the penguins and can't figure out where they went.  (Quincy, MA, for the duration of the renovation.  Our pass will expire before they come back.)

I'm really not sure about this one...

We went to "A Night in Bethlehem" at a Catholic parish a few nights before Christmas.  This is Nathan and two of his friends on the drive home with their (battery operated, don't worry Mom) candles.

Mary wanted to do the Nativity story for Family Home Evening on Christmas Eve.  Guess who got to play Mary and Joseph?

Charlie's favorite Christmas present... Joseph's Hess helicopter.

And his tools.

Oh, more Nativity.  Daddy, Charlie, and Lil'Nathan were the 3 Wise Men.  Littlebit was a sheep.

A rubber band powered plane on Christmas morning.  Looks like a comet, doesn't it?

And back to the Nativity (and the sideways photos, sorry.)

Charlie fell asleep mid-LEGO building.  (Note LEGO under nose.)

Nativity again. See the sheep (with the white silk...)

Wise man (guy) from my grandmother's Nativity set bringing valuable gift to baby Jesus.

 Rocking out.

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