Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The house fell through. Short and sweet version:  We discovered the lender wasn't being truthful with us and as it was time to ask for another extension we decided not to continue with him.  That meant starting over and the seller wasn't up for it.  Our deposit was refunded and the house went to someone else.  We are okay.  Promise

Actually, thrilled is a good description, too.

Because now we are making plans to return to NH.  Stay with current employer and move in April?  Leave employer at end of agreement in June and go... to NH? 

We've decided that we can't settle on any one place to live b/c we so desperately want to return to the Upper Valley.  So, maybe that's where we'll finally end up again.

If not, we saw an ad last night for a job in Dublin. Ireland.  We haven't tried that yet...

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jrgile said...

Thanks, Lisa/Nathan, we love your blog!