Sunday, February 10, 2013

 We went up to NH last weekend.  I found this awesome bag and bought it at the LLBean outlet ($5!)  Well, now those initials stand for "Someone Stole Mine" b/c Charlie has claimed it and won't give it back.  It's packed with all his toys (oven mitts, two small pans, and a wooden spoon!) for church.  But if it helps him stay in nursery...

What do you do when, just about half way through a diagonally crocheted baby blanket you realize you that no amount of wishful thinking is going to help--you do NOT have enough yarn to finish, no kidding?

You make it into a shawl, of course.

Cute baby, huh?

Hey, did you hear we had a blizzard this weekend?  Nathan went out on Friday night, early in the storm, to get a jump start on shoveling.  I thought his "hat" on returning 45 mins later was pretty cool. (It reminded me of grass in the spring.)

Good thing he went out, too.  This is a little of what he faced the next morning!  It took the two of them (our neighbour and Nathan) 3 hours to get the driveway cleared.  Each of the boys claimed the rights to cleaning off a car, but Joseph got distracted and wandered off to play.

Here is Lil'Nathan.  Somewhere in that pile behind him are his 3 silverdust (dusty miller) plants.  He planted them about 2 years ago and they tend to be annuals, but survived last winter.  I'm not too sure they'll make it through this. Hard to believe there wasn't one single speck of snow before Fri. 

 Thursday's bread.  I let it go a little long and it popped its top!  Looked like brioche!  Plenty yummy, though.  And thanks to Gramma and Grampa, just the right shape for our veggie burgers.  : )

 And here is Elisabeth, showcasing her newest trick.  It cracks me up, every time. (In the background you can hear Mary critiquing our latest adventures in yoghurt.  The yodeling is courtesy Franzl Lang--der Koenigsjodler.)

And lest we forget... Joseph turned 6 today!  We had a little (very little) party for him yesterday between snow playing sessions. 

And one final photo of my cute little baby, sound asleep before church this morning.

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