Sunday, April 28, 2013

 Pinewood Derby!!

Different than last year, and honestly, not as much fun, but we made some awesome cars!

This is Nathan's.  Do NOT call it the Batmobile.  It is NOT the Batmobile.It was named after a dragon in his Eragon books, but I honestly can't remember which one.  But it looks like the Batmobile.

Right before we left for the derby, Daddy decided Joseph needed more weight in/on his car.  So we searched the kitchen and found the gyroscope.  What better for a boy who can literally spin for 5 mins without stopping and without getting sick?  He named it the "SpinMobile."

This is Mary's "Spare Time."  Look carefully.  A tiny basket filled with yarn balls and two knitting needles.  A tiny sewing machine (with a needle!).  A pile of books, her reading last week.

Daddy is holding "Cheese Whizz" and Charlie is holding the "Charlie Bob."  I only bought 4 kits, so Charlie and Daddy literally split a kit, each getting a piece of the wood (triangle cut), but Daddy got the wheels.  Charlie was happy to hot-glue some pennies to the sides.  He had 6 "wheels."

Now, as far as our exciting news...

We were going to move to Maine.  Nathan had a job offer.   (Anyone notice the past tense?)  We spent a whole day up in way northern Maine (the day after my last entry) and finally decided the situation wasn't the right one for our family, so he turned the job down.  So we are not going to move to Maine. 

But we do have some exciting news, which I didn't know about then:

Nathan passed his boards and is now a licensed Prosthetist.  He is a full fledged CPO!


Sara said...

Congrats on the licensure!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are staying in MA!

Becca said...


soupercook said...

Three cheers!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
You did it!
Way to go!
Big Hugs!!!