Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh!  This is my 200th post!  Cool.

First some random thoughts and updates.  Then pictures of a super cute baby...

I put out a Facebook request for Mary.  She wants a pen-pal and all her previous attempts have fallen flat.  Seems like it was a good place, she got 7 replies!  She's busy writing... well, she will be when she's done with her Play-Doh piano.

I'm going to shut down my Etsy site.  I've always hated the name of my store anyway.  I'm thinking of a new name, which I hope to link to a related blog and email address.  Since I sold my first 2 octopuses (I like "octopii" better) and then nothing with my second listing, I'm not afraid of losing customers with the transfer.  Nor am I really feeling a need to hurry.  Nothing from that venture is going to add to our income in any substantial way.  : )

I'm hesitant to mention this b/c of our spectacular past history, but here goes:  We bought a house. It's north of here, but still the same commute time to Nathan's work.  Lovely house, lovely yard, lots of light, lots of room.  We are supposed to close at the end of the month.  Today is the "mortgage commitment" date, so if it's going to fall apart at the last minute, that minute has arrived.  Half the house is packed and the bishop told me he's called a new Relief Society president.  So, we're going somewhere either way.  : )

That's really our biggest news.

I've been knitting.  (House purchasing stress--I need to keep my hands busy.)  In the past month I've made 1 1/2 pairs of socks, a baby blanket, a baby sweater with matching hat, and crocheted 3 octopuses.  I also sewed 29 flannel  burp cloths and fixed a diaper bag.  I even ripped out a baby sweater I started before finding out I was expecting Charlie!  (I tried to finish it first, but wasn't happy with the sleeves.)  I'll remake it with a different pattern.

I want Rapunzel's haircut from the end of Tangled.  And I want some cookies, chocolate chip.

The Father and Sons campout was this weekend.  It started raining on Thurs night and continued until Sat mid-morning.  Fri morning Nathan gave the boys 3 options:  1. Go camping in the rain and eat soggy marshmallows; 2. Go to the Museum of Science for the whole day; or 3. Go to see his friend who makes prosthetic limbs and then go to the LEGO store.  With only about 2 seconds of deliberation, the Museum was the unanimous choice.  We then broke to Mary the news the boys were not going camping.  She was disappointed, but relieved when she found out they were still going away.  She and I ate donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast, sewed on our sewing machines, watched Sense and Sensibility (her choice, honest!), went to the library, and then ate cupcakes from Amanda Oakleaf, conveniently located across the street from the library.  We'd just finished our treats when the boys walked in.  Dripping wet from their run home from the bus stop.  We finished the day with beans and veggie burgers, and then roasted mini marshmallows with toothpicks over the stove.  On Teddy Grahms and topped with a chocolate chip they make mini-s'mores.  Joseph and Charlie set up their tents in their room and Mary built a LEGO "fire" and put in a flashlight.  Charlie went to bed happy to be camping, but said "Next time I want a real fire."

A good day for all.

Lil'Nathan is doing Beginning Algebra from Life of Fred for math.  Working through it with him reminds me why I loved algebra in high school.  It's like a puzzle and it is so much fun to take those wicked complex looking problems and reduce them down to something so innocent and easy.  Though I must say, in two years of algebra, I know I never learned some of the stuff I'm seeing now.  When he gets to geometry, though, he's all Daddy's.

Okay, now for the cute baby.

I took Joseph and Charlie to the grocery store on Saturday morning, leaving Elisabeth with Daddy and Mary.  Before Daddy was done cleaning up from breakfast this is what he saw...

Poor little baby, so tired.

And this is the face I see each night after cleaning up the kitchen.  She's pressed against the baby gate waiting for bedtime...

And here she is investigating our Mp3 player and speaker.  Don't you love her hair?  It lasted all of 30 seconds.  She has a vendetta against hair bows.

See, cuteness, huh?

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soupercook said...

She is absolutely adorable! Such a pretty baby! She has grown so much since I last saw her.