Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Camping!  Labor Day weekend at Storr's Pond in beautiful New Hampshire.

Joseph found a caterpillar.

Elisabeth developed a deep love of shoes on this trip, especially my slippers, which I had to wear all weekend b/c I forgot to change into my sneakers before we left!

Mr. Grumpy Pants and Joseph watching the fire.

Seriously, how much cuter can she get?

I think Lil'Nathan got bored on the way home.  This was one of, ummm, a hundred or so.

You would not believe the storm we had on Sunday night!

Okay, so that photo is actually Lil'Nathan's new shirt from LISTEN, but really we had a crazy storm on Sunday night.  We left early on Monday b/c it was still raining and we were wet.  (It actually rained every night, and most of Saturday, and part of Sunday.

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