Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random Photos from the past few weeks.

First, visiting our friends, Rob and Tamara (aka RobinTomorrow) at their farm in Lyndonville, VT.

And stopping at LLBean on the way home.

I finished Lil'Nathan's socks.  I promised him a pair when I was first expecting Elisabeth.  It took a while to get around to it, but they are pretty awesome.  He wouldn't even let me tuck in the loose ends, afraid it would take another year and half?

A week or so later we went peach picking with our friends.  Eva took this shot of Lil'Bit, who had a death grip on her beloved peach.  Beware the person who tried to separate her from her peach, even for a second!

We picked 54 lbs, (I went intending to pick 50, so yay for us!)  I had all good intentions of canning, but they were eaten too fast.  And we made a pie, too.  :)

  Charlie got a new white board for school this year. He has been busy putting it to use.

And don't miss the accompanying video where he is describing it for you.  Note the excited, fluttering shadow...

The kids joined DIY to "get skills and be awesome".  Mary's first project was a swing for the backyard.  It was fun... until the sharp points on the bottom attacked and destroyed our hopper ball.  Swing came down.  Ball got duct tape (a project in itself!)  It hasn't exploded yet, so... so far, so good.

We had an ice cream party to welcome our friends to our new house.  The kids made cupcakes, too.

 Turned out it was a bad weekend to pick, only one person could make it.  Pam.  Charlie's beloved Pam.

Someone enjoyed all the extra cupcakes, though.

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