Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Photos!

This was my Christmas knitting pile.  Let's just say... most of it got changed and some of it you'll see again next year.

Our tree, completely decorated by the kids.  (It gave me a rash, just putting the lights on. Didn't seem to bother anyone else, though.)  Does it look a little top-heavy to you?  Done to protect it from the dog.  Later a baby gate keeping him in the kitchen/living room area worked much better. 

And now for Christmas morning...

Elisabeth's Santa gift.  This bear sweater kept me knitting until 1am.  Don't know where it is now.  She loves the bear, but it now wears in a diaper and a sock.  (Which is remarkably similar to what Elisabeth wears most of the time.)

Thank you, GG!

 And Aunt Stacy and Uncle Josh.  This kid was kept busy for hours.

 Nathan and Mary made a marble shooter for Charlie.  Very cool.  Elisabeth quickly got the hang of shooting the marbles and assumed possession of it.

Crafty-girl has a new love:  Card making.

Smile, Charlie.

A real tool belt, like Dad's.  He promptly stuffed it full of all his tools, but Elisabeth snagged the googles.


 Which I think she liked better than her hat.

To quote Lil'Nathan, "I think Uncle Brian is the only one who could get away with giving us marshmallow guns."

And this one is from New Year's Eve.  We call it "The Miracle of the Cheesecake."  It's what happens when you forget to leave out cookies and milk for Santa--he comes back looking for treats later!

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