Monday, January 13, 2014

So far in 2014

Just a listing...

We've had a lot of snow so far this season.  It snows a lot and then a day or so later, it warms up a lot, then it gets frigid again.  And our back yard is a lumpy ice rink.  Very funny to watch the dog try to race across it.  Less funny to try and walk across it to clean up after the dog.  More than one of us has clunked on our rump.  Okay, kind of funny, but rather painful.

And in addition to snow, we've had sickness.  Elisabeth started it this time, on Wed.  Joseph and Charlie joined in on Fri night.  Lil'Nathan and I got it yesterday. 

On the day before Thanksgiving, Nathan's boss asked him to look for work elsewhere--regulations are killing his business and he can't afford to keep everyone on board anymore.  Nathan had felt this coming on for a while and was really just waiting for the word from his boss.  So he immediately sent a query to a former colleague of his and a resume at her request.  Within a week he had a job interview and two weeks later (holidays and snow storms) he had an offer.  He accepted it on Friday and submitted his resignation at work.  His current employer found it bittersweet--financially good for both of them, but oh so sorry that things had to work out like this.  He starts at the end of January.

And where are we going?  We are going home.  Back to the Upper Valley.  New Hampshire/Vermont has been calling to us since we left 6+ years ago and I simply cannot believe that we finally get to go back.  It all seems a little surreal.

We've contacted our realtor and started the process for selling this house.   After he left yesterday, Nathan took the healthy kids to Lowe's and they bought paint, painting supplies, molding, and super glue.  We had dinner, cleaned up the dining room, and at 7pm began to paint.  The kids were sent to bed at 8:30.  I was able to hold out long enough to do all the trim work and finish up the dishes before I had to go to bed (hoping to avoid the illness the kids had had, but failed).  Nathan came to bed at 3am, having finally finished all by himself.  I can't get a photo that does it justice, so you'll just have to trust me that it looks great.
Teddy is going to FL.  He's going to be my mom's new baby.  I have mixed feelings about this, but it's for the best.  We are planning to send him out on Saturday.

The week before Christmas my dear friend Sara and her husband welcomed baby Hudson Paul into their lives.  It's been a long road for them and I spent all day (okay, all week, while they were waiting for him be born and then sorting out paperwork) glued to Facebook and email waiting for updates.  Tuesday Sara and Hudson are coming to visit!  I'm very, very excited.  He makes me an aunt again, and this time I'm in the same state!  (for now)  Our first attempt at meeting was snowed out.  Our second was thwarted by a sick Elisabeth.  So, here we try again.  I was looking at one of the things I knit for him, and I think it's going to be too small already.

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