Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to February!

Nathan has started work in the Upper Valley.  It's a little dangerous (tempting!) having him working so close to the Co-op everyday.  ("Bring home....")  He is commuting and says it isn't too bad.  We are still hoping it won't have to be for long.  The house has been "live" for about 10 days now and we've had 3 showings.  Nothing else to report there.  We found a house in VT, about 30 mins from Nathan's work, that we really like, but we aren't willing to get into a contract (even with an escape clause) until this house is under contract.  Besides, we are thinking we may actually go even a little further north.  So we are still looking and pondering.

Teddy is in FL.  He is with Stacy and her family.  According to Stacy, "We just love him!"  That makes me happy.  Most of us miss him a lot here, though.  (I don't think Daddy does too much and I know Charlie doesn't really at all.  Teddy did like to pick on Charlie.  Sounds like he's transferred that affection to Hannah, but she still loves him.)

This is how our piano "earns its keep"--good for music and excellent as a puzzle station.

Elisabeth has been talking up a storm lately.  Some words do double duty--"Pa-pah" works for both potty and puzzle.  She is very good at, "NO!" for all kinds of stuff and most questions.  Many things are "funny" and all my hats are "pitty!"  (I show her my sewing when I need a confidence boost.)  She does love hats and she does love babies.  And she loves putting hats on babies.  Although, here she is casting her baby to the ground in order to grab the camera from my hand.

Joseph was on a puzzle kick for a while.  I think he's over it now.  He just bought 4 at the $ Store and is letting Mary and Nathan work on them (as in the photo above).  He is going to be 7 next week.  

For one of my goals this year, I decided I'm going to donate 50 hats.  Chemo caps, hats for the homeless, and baby hats.  50 total hats works out to be about 1 per week.  Another of my goals is to keep track of what I make.  I'll be doing that here.  I'll show you a photo of January's projects, though, since I know you really care.  :)

Mary wants to model the hats, but she was working on the puzzle when I took the picture and I didn't want to wait.  So impatient am I.

I'm sorry.  I'm having trouble thinking of what else to say.  Pretty boring entry.  And ended with a photo of yarn.  Hmm.... I'll have to fix that...

We finally met Sara's baby!!

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thisfarmwife said...

Hurray for the showings on your house! And hurray for the house up here! I loved the puzzle practice on piano.