Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flooded basement from two weeks ago.  None of that stuff is ours, it all belonged to the guys putting in the new furnace.

This is the lovely pump which drained the basement.  50 gals/ min.  It still took quite a while.

And this is the pond we created at the end of our lot.  Apparently it was all on our neighbor's side.  He was pretty nice about it, but it was clear he wanted it gone ASAP.

And now all the snow is gone. (The pond, too.)  We've moved the sump pump outlet so it runs across our front yard and we have a beautiful little patch of green grass down near its outlet.  :)  We tried to get the curtain drains cleaned out this week, but the scoping showed the pipes are totally clogged.  So, so much for that.  We are working on a different plan. 

 And this is what Miss Peanut does daily with our dishes.  Since they are no longer kept in the dishwasher (we use that for real now!), and they are right at her level, she considers them fair game and uses them in all sorts of sorting adventures.  And we find them in strange places--laundry baskets, bathroom, toy box...

As usual, I nearly forgot Easter again.  I mean, I know it is coming, I look forward to it, but I always forget that I am supposed to do something about it.  (Mom totally freaked out on me yesterday when she learned we had no baskets and had not dyed eggs!)  But dye eggs we did, this morning.  This was Lil'Nathan's and was pronounced "coolest egg" by everyone.  The kids hid the eggs when we got home from church.  (And, yes, Mom, the Easter Bunny came and brought fruit snacks and M&Ms in little sand buckets.)


And this was from packing.  It's why we got nothing done until the last minute.  Well, one reason.

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