Monday, May 5, 2014

The weather has been mostly beautiful (if it's not raining) so we open the windows daily for fresh air.  Elisabeth enjoys the breeze and the view, so one day she ate her lunch in the window.

 And having Joseph outside to play peek-a-boo with her probably didn't hurt.  :)

We've been meeting our neighbors.  This one, however, was rather unexpected.

(a close up, for your viewing pleasure)
Nathan had just sent Charlie out to pick up his toys when he spotted her.  He "gently" called Charlie back in, and then yelled for all of us to come and see.  We watched from the back door/ garage.

I don't think she came for the bird feeder, but figured while she was here, she might as well check it out.

She did.  Tore it down, chewed on it for a little while...

And then left to see what the neighbors had.  I guess she made the rounds of the neighborhood, b/c a few minutes later she was in Joseph's friends' yard and scared the daylights out of the boys.

And in other news...

With his birthday money, Charlie bought 2 things:  A betta fish named Snowflake Olaf (we had just seen Frozen) and a penny whistle, which is undoubtedly his favorite purchase ever.  He proclaims himself "very talented, huh?" and is here performing a solo of his favorite song.  Enjoy!

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SuperEdison said...

Star Wars!! huh.. very talented.