Friday, January 16, 2009

Joseph is still throwing up. I think my mom thinks I'm a negligent parent b/c I've only taken him to the doctor's office once, but the doctor said he seems okay and not to really worry. He's playing, eating, and sleeping about the same as always. He just also seems to be throwing up once or twice a day and likes to be held more. In one way, though, it helps a little. I don't let him nurse as much as he'd like (because I'm tired of wearing it later) and he still manages to fall asleep. That's good. There is hope for weaning, which I sometimes wondered about.

Nathan has applied to all the pediatric residencies we could find. There were four: TX, MI, MA, and OR. He's also in process with a company in Boston and will speak next week with one final pediatric hospital in SLC. They all said they'd let us know in Feb, but most won't begin until July.

Anyway, I need to cut Nathan's hair tonight. He cut Joseph's and Lil'Nathan's this afternoon (and the apartment is so dry that we couldn't get the little hairs off them!) Then we did more laundry (our first day in a week without a "throw-up load"!) and just lounged around reading books to each other and ourselves. Since the weather hit a high today of -3 (without wind chill) we thought this a good way to enjoy the day. Tomorrow will warm up and snow and we need to run out and get a few things from the grocery store. Just for the record, baking soda doesn't seem to clean the tub very well.

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