Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lil'Nathan was a hoot today on the way home from church. He is the only boy in a class of 8. For the last two weeks he has lamented this fact, but today he was in a really good mood. We asked him, "How was Primary?" His response, "It was good. The girls are getting easier to attract." (Now, from previous weeks, I know he meant "distract," but still...)

A little later he told us that he'd forgiven his "primary enemy," a boy he suspects of throwing away a piece of paper he'd left on his chair. Good to know.

Joseph has stopped throwing up. HOORAY!!

We were asked to attend the Marriage and Family Relations class at church. It started today and will run for 10 weeks. Just exactly as long as we'll be here. First thought, when we found out we'd been put in--and that it is being taught by a professional marriage counselor--was to wonder if the Bishop is worried about our marriage. Then we reasoned that we'd probably never again have another chance to attend one of these together, since I'm usually in Primary. But today we found out the real reason: the teacher gives rewards of chocolate for being on time and for doing your "homework." How did they know I'd left all our chocolate (!) home in NH by accident? Yay! No more withdrawls! :)

Nothing else of interest, really.


Jason and Stephanie said...

Hey Lisa!! We got "assigned" to that class, too. Twice.

Audrey Edison said...

HA!! That is funny, hope you all are enjoying your time up there and hope it is not too cold.

Becca said...

I love the "primary enemy" story!