Friday, March 20, 2009

You've all been waiting and here's the news: We are going to Boston! The position Nathan turned down (in favor of the one in MI) was reopened for him. (We found out it was never an open position--they essentially created it for him when they got a look at his application. They were/ are drooling over his project management and process improvement background.) They were delighted to know he was available again and wasted no time in deciding to extend him another offer--it just took them a week to let us know. :)

(But don't worry. I wasn't stressed out enough about it to attack any innocent bags of frozen chocolate chips. I knew things would work out okay. We had a plan "C" that was wonderfully fun to think about. In fact, I was almost sad to see it go.)

So, yes Boston, and we are very excited. Now we are trying to figure out where we are going to live. Residents don't make much and Boston ain't cheap. We'll find something, though, I'm sure. Nathan has a "hankerin' to live by the sea" and truly things are a little less expensive on that side of the city. But we've never been there... at least not yet. He'll start work on the 20th, which really should give us enough time to find a place, pack, and move.

Ahhh, health insurance again. What a beautiful thought. :)


The Blake's said...

I'm so happy for you! You've been in our thoughts and prayers. We know what it is like to have plans go haywire. We hope you find a place that works for you and that you like.

Stephanie said...

Wow! So exciting. Although, I'm thinking we'd see you more with plan "C"! This is wonderful news for your life and career! Hope all works out for you and a good place to live. Happy temple attending!

Sara said...

Very cool!!! We are looking for a house west of boston, much cheaper! Ah but to live by the sea...thats my dream too! Mike will be based out of waltham, though, so it doesnt make sense for use to live east of boston...Oh well! BUT now we can visit each other!!!!