Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's see, since I wrote last...

Nathan's credit card number was scammed from a gas pump.  It's been cancelled and we filled out the form stating the charges were fraudulent.  I hope it's done now.

We found a house in Revere we like.  It's a very, very hot item though.  I don't know if we'll be able to get beyond fond thoughts of what could be before someone else gets to call it home.  We have an amazing track record of finding and liking houses that someone else buys within 48 hrs.

Nathan was called to be the Cub Scout leader for the ward.  You never saw a happier 9 yr old than Lil'Nathan when he learned the news.  (He actually high-5ed his friend in front of him during Sacrament meeting!)  They've had two meetings, we ordered and received both of their uniforms, and lil'Nathan has been going through his manual finding things to do an get "signed off" so he can get badges.  (Should I sign him off for cleaning the car when he neglects to clean the rat cage and the bathroom sink in order to do it?)

Charlie learned to roll over.  Fri, actually.  He goes from back to front and then front to back... most of the time.  Sometimes he goes over from his back, gets stuck, and starts to holler.  It really ticks him off.  He is working hard to get that second bottom tooth out and the amount of drool he can put out is amazing.  He has made it necessary for me to wash every one of his diaper covers twice (yes, each one twice!) in the course of the last week.  (I gave up and ordered new ones.  Maybe they won't leak so much.)  Today in the grocery store he peed on me while on my back and then pooped in such an ingenious way that it missed my leg and puddled  under the shopping cart at checkout.  Delightful.

Lil'Nathan is up to 185 books in his summer challenge.  He has until Tues to get to 200 for a 5# bucket of Legos.  And speaking of Legos, on Monday he has a "class" at MIT to build a slow car.  They put the kids in teams of two and teach them about gears.  Slowest car wins.

Joseph has given two of our neighbors near heart attacks with his climbing antics.  One saw him sliding down the banister (she should see the way he mounts the banister!) and another saw him climb on the railing, just outside the front door, above the driveway and cars.  (The banister-viewing neighbor, I might add, was still in recovery from having seen Joseph at the top of a tree in the park the day before.)

No comment.

We acquired some stuffing from Craigslist and were able to resurrect Maeser! (Giant stuffed orca I've had for 10+ yrs.  He found himself covered in bug eggs last year and we dumped his stuffing.  He's been living a rather flat existence in a suitcase since then.) How happy we all are to have him back!  I had to make an official declaration regarding his sleeping whereabouts, however, since it became a great source of contention.

We so enjoyed camping in NH for 4th of July that we decided to repeat it for Labor Day.  We'll be gone from Fri to Mon, and this campsite has a lean-to.  (Lil'Nathan is very excited about that.)  Probably not so much swimming though, huh?  This time I hope to get to LISTEN (since we don't have to contend with  any dental appts) and get everyone some new pants (and who knows what else!).

G'pa will be going in for a total knee replacement surgery on Sept 1.  I don't like it.  It's not my knee or my choice, though, so I'll be quiet.

I'm going to a Time Out For Women.  It's a conference of sorts put on by Deseret Book at various locations throughout the country.  Mary Ellen Edmunds is speaking and I love to hear her--so uplifting and at the same time so funny!  If it's a good experience, I want to go with my sisters to the one in Orlando in March.  Plus, every participant gets a free bag.  Now that's awesome!

I've been doing a lot of sewing in preparation for Christmas.  I've learned to make little dolls by hand, as well as two different styles of quiet-book type toys, in addition to the counted cross stitch stuff.  I was doing some machine sewing, too, but the sewing machine is a little temperamental right now--randomly engaging the reverse button, when I'm not even touching the pedal!--so I think it might be in need of a cleaning.  It's been three years, so yeah, I guess it's about time, huh?

Ooh, diapers are done.  Now I just need the bread to finish baking and I'm going to bed.

Pictures next time....

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