Sunday, August 8, 2010

Note the drool above.

And how 'bout these eyes?

I made this new baby carrier specifically to carry Charlie on my back.  I love it!  It worked just perfectly tied like this. We went to the library and the playground and it was so easy on my shoulders and back.

But, and this is a huge but, (no, not mine, though the picture does nothing for me!) I think the tie also gave me what I like to term "mini-mastitis."  I was very sore from a plugged duct and general flu-like symptoms by the end of the day, collapsing a pathetic pile of misery when Nathan got home and going to bed at 7.  (Sleep, lecithin, water, and lots of water and I was better by morning.  Still a little sore, but not crying.)  I used the wrap as a back carrier the next day with no problems, tying it around my waist.  And though this one ties around my waist, too, Charlie is still too small and it doesn't work very well.  Phooey.  The wrap will work for now, but it's a lot more complicated.  I'll come back to this one in a few months, when he's a little taller and I can tie it around my waist.
See the stove in the background above?

Our landlord said he didn't have time to fix our old oven b/c he wasn't sure what was wrong with it.  So he sent his wife to get us a new one.  Her criteria were 1. Self cleaning.  2. Nicer than previous model.  Boy was he sorry!  She didn't pay any attention to where the gas hook-up was.  So, on the very hottest, most horribly icky, sticky day I've been through in a long time, he had the great joy of moving our gas line.  That included a lot of drilling.  Drilling means tools.  Tools are cool.  (Our landlord is cool, too.)  So, where were all the kids?  Bingo!  Right where the action was.  

Here is Nathan (not wasting a moment's reading time b/c he wants those Legos which were promised as a 200 book prize) waiting patiently for the drill bit to pop up through the floor, since our landlord was drilling downstairs and he just assumed that was going to happen next.  (It didn't.  The hole through the floor went from the kitchen down, but for Jim's sake, I didn't photograph the event.)

And here you see that our new oven is way better than TV.  The boys were watching the pitas "puff" while Mary was rolling out the next ones to go in.  Then they all changed seats.


Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog! I always get the giggles and I can't stop! Charley is getting so big and all the kids are so cute!!

Becca said...

Vaughn and I are laughing at the comments and pictures about the new oven! Thanks for the funny update.r