Sunday, September 12, 2010

We've been crafting.  (I can't show you all, b/c most of them are Christmas gifts.) I already told you that we resurrected Maeser.  Here he is again, all stuffed and happy.  He's saying Hi to Charlie.


And I made these toys for church or the car or whatever.  They fold up and button shut.  The kids even made their own dolls.  (Mary is making another right now for a friend's bday gift.)  I was thinking of putting these, the dolls, and my octopuses on Etsy.  What do you think?

Lil'Nathan has been taking pictures lately.  (I think he's going for a badge or a belt loop or something.)  He tends to take them of Charlie b/c he knows I'll almost always say yes if he wants to take a picture of the cute baby.  Plus, even he has to admit, the baby IS cute.

'Course, it's not only Charlie he likes to photograph.  Below, he took some shots from our last trip to the Temple.  Joseph didn't want to walk, said his legs hurt.  So, Daddy carried him.  Then he complained he couldn't breathe.  Picky kid.  (Zoom in.  See his face.)


We had a fabulous camping trip last weekend.  B/c of the hurricane off the coast, the first day was woefully hot and humid, but after a little sprinkle that night, no more of either!  It was a great weekend. We had a nice campfire every night thanks to our Webelo.

And of course, if you have a campfire, you must have s'mores.

 Our site had a lean-to.  Nice.  That little sprinkle I mentioned above?  Didn't even phase us.  Lil'Nathan's tent is behind Mary's.

After we got home, we started school.  So far, so good.  Joseph has been joining at the table to "do my schoolwork b/c I want to.  I don't have to."  But after a while he wanders off to see what kind of trouble he can get into.  (He was good and stuck in this one.)

 And now, back to Charlie.  Who gave him permission to grow up so fast?

This is from today.  As soon as he was sat down, he grabbed for one of the dolls we made.  I think he found it rather tasty.

And we'll close with Joseph practicing for the Primary Program.  He gave Daddy a show yesterday while I was grocery shopping.  I've got cute kids.


Jennifer and Dan Blake said...

My kids love Joseph's version of Follow the Prophet!! So cute!

Sara said...

Your kids are toooo cute! I love Joseph's singing :)

Charlene said...

I can't believe how much Mary looks like Sarah at that age. Little Charlie is so adorable and he is getting so big so fast. He is changing a lot isn't he? Looks like he is sitting up all by himself now. What a big boy! The camp photo ops brought back a lot of memories of us camping when the kids were little and it was always Michael and Nathan's job to build the campfire just like little Nathan did on your trip.:) Love Joseph's rendition of follow the prophet. What a little singer! The dolls are so cute! You should try to sell your wonderful creations on Etsey. I bet you would sell a lot. By the way Great Grampa Gile is home now. Weak but recovering.

Becca said...

The doll and car sets are super cute. Go for it!

misty said...

What a beautiful family. And yes, your projects are awesome and you should put them on Etsy. It's good to see you all well and that other people sleep in conference, too.