Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ha HA!!  Our track record remains unbroken!  The realtor made an appt for us to see the house again tomorrow morning, then wrote later to say that the viewing was cancelled b/c the bank had just accepted an offer on the house!  This is the second time in two months, both with him.  He apologized, but said it shows we have good taste in homes.

Should I tell him that when we were looking 3 yrs ago, it happened with 4 out of the 5 houses we liked?  (The 5th--really the first--accepted our offer, but refused to fix the CO leak downstairs.  We also found out the roof was nearly 100 yrs old and the supporting beam in the foundation was soft.  We declined.)

I wonder what would have happened if we really had wanted the one in Revere.

Maybe we should have been speculators...

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