Sunday, October 17, 2010

Everyone has been busy taking pictures.  Charlie is usually the subject, but can you blame us?  This kid is so stinkin' cute!

Of course, I do have other kids too. One of them has been playing with the camera.  Now some of the pictures have date stamps (European style).  Some are in sepia tone.  And the camera now quacks when I take a picture.  Hmmm... Which kid could that be? 

No, not Mary.  (See how long her hair has gotten?)

No, not Joseph.  (He pooped himself out at the playground and crashed during dinner with the missionaries.  After cake, of course.)

We're getting closer.  This is the Temple he built last Sunday.


Ah, hah! Here he is!
Like the carrot?  It is the last from Mary's flower box.

 And here is a photo from General Conference.  Saturday afternoon, I think.  Mary is the only one awake.

I'll just leave off here.  As usual, all heck has broken out since I got on to blog.  You guys only come for the pictures anyway, right?  Well, maybe that and to see if Mary's had any witticisms recently.

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Charlene said...

Oh what a great post! Cute cute pictures. Charlie is just adorable. He looks so much like Great Grandpa GIle. Mary's hair is getting long and such a pretty girl. Joseph is just as cute as ever and Nathan is quite the handsome photographer! Looks like Daddy is worn out and then where is Mommy in all these photo shoots? I want to see her too.